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Establish a shared set of principles and policies

Identify what people really want

Improve the town’s facilities

Promote the town’s attractions

Encourage more people to use the town centre

Develop a Town Team action plan


Malmesbury Shopkeepers Show Their Faces to Help Launch Shop Local, Gift Card & Staycation Promotion

Malmesbury Town Team has launched a major multi-media promotion campaign billed as feel good, shop local, spend local to encourage shoppers to think first of their town centre.


With Malmesbury traders themselves acting as photographic models and storytellers, residents and visitors will see some of their favourite traders welcoming them on banners, posters, billboards and in an extensive social media campaign. Across Facebook & Instagram details of regular competitions and trader promotions will be shared together with trader stories. Malmesbury Town Team will also be running a digital ‘Stay a While’ visitor campaign designed to reach UK travellers looking for a safe, historic and vibrant place to visit.

Malmesbury Town Team spokesperson Gordon MacPherson explains: “The challenge retailers face is massive and now that we’re safely open up to the public again, businesses in Malmesbury are looking towards the future where active marketing which encourages support to local traders will be vital. There is a huge opportunity to make the most of our Malmesbury Gift Card scheme with over 34 town centre shops and businesses involved and Malmesbury offers free parking for 2 hours in Station Yard Car Park. Let’s not forget how lucky we are in Malmesbury to live in such a vibrant, treasured and historic place as we return to the High Street, shop local and see our businesses build again for the future.”

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Malmesbury Town Team Enquiries:

Malmesbury Town Team Support to Retailers & Businesses in response to COVID-19.

Malmesbury Town Team has activated a programme of support to retailers and businesses in response to COVID-19 covering Operating & Finance, Marketing & Social Media & Welfare.


Updates on the best sources of business information, timetables of financial support, marketing support conference calls and one to one calls with operations, finance, marketing & strategy experts are free and immediately available.

All outputs from the weekly Malmesbury Retailer & Business Conference Calls can be viewed here:

In addition, a new online sale & delivery initiative is being supported by Malmesbury Town team & ShopAppy to enable Malmesbury retailers without a web presence or those who are interested in complementing their existing web presence, the opportunity to offer key products for local online sale and delivery. There is no set up cost involved.

To find out more about any of these initiatives or join the weekly calls contact All Malmesbury retailers and businesses are welcome.

Malmesbury Town Team

Malmesbury Town Team consists of a group of local people, many with business experience, who see Malmesbury’s town centre as a brand which needs nurturing and supporting. Brought together with a common objective, they all bring different skills to the table to ensure initiatives in the town are driven forward and its ongoing prosperity secured.

There are three layers to the Town Team consisting of:

The Leadership Team which is made up of five core members and five specialist members.
Task Groups that will drive specific projects on behalf of the Town Team.
Support Team made up of individuals, both Malmesbury area residents and local business owners, who have an interest in supporting the Town Team.

The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of Malmesbury Residents & Business Owners from sectors including:

  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Customer Service
  • HR

Plus Members of Constituted Organisations:

  • Malmesbury Neighbourhood Steering Group
  • Malmesbury Residents Association
  • Malmesbury Town Council
  • Wiltshire Council

Task Groups

Individual Task Groups will be set up to drive specific projects and will be established and agreed on by the Leadership Team.

Reporting back and making recommendations to the Leadership Team, they will be a valuable resource in driving projects forward and bringing expertise where needed.

Support Team

A number of local residents and business owners have signed up as interested parties and wish to support and give feedback to the Town Team. This is an important part of the process and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to become Town Team Supporters.

We have been encouraged by the number of people who have already taken part in two recent local surveys, involving the input of hundreds of residents and business owners. The survey conducted over five days saw an impressive 482 responses, exceeding the target of 400. The results are being analysed and, along with further proposed research, will help to form Malmesbury’s future town strategy.


Whether you have a fantastic suggestion up your sleeve to help improve the town centre experience or have a few hours to spare each week to become a member of the Malmesbury Town Team, get in touch Be part of something truly extraordinary happening right here in your local town…