Terms & references



Establish a shared set of principles and policies

Identify what people really want

Improve the town’s facilities

Promote the town’s attractions

Encourage more people to use the town centre

Develop a Town Team action plan


Malmesbury Town Team Terms of Reference

1. Town Team Vision – Malmesbury Town Team consists of local Malmesbury businesses, community organisations and local residents. It will be supported by local elected representatives. We will collectively choose to work towards a shared vision to deliver outcomes that will enhance the quality of services in the town, strengthen the retail offer, maximize visitor footfall, promote and advance the vitality and vibrancy of commerce, culture, community life, recreation, and tourism in the Town. The Town Team will seek to gain the funds needed to make that vision a reality.

2. Town Team Objectives – The Town Team will be a driver of positive change in the Town and will provide strategic direction and leadership. It will help to improve the performance of businesses in the Town, while improving the shopping and leisure appeal to all possible customers. This will involve the following:

  • Establishing a shared set of principles, policies and operating standards.
  • Clearly identifying what it is that customers really want and need to improve their visiting experience.
  • Developing a Town Action Plan including a long term financial strategy.
  • Taking collective responsibility for the development and delivery of the Town Action Plan.
  • Demonstrating inclusiveness and transparency to all stakeholders.
  • Working to promote the Town and all that it has to offer to visitors.
  • Working to improve all of the Town’s facilities to enhance the visitor experience.
  • Encouraging existing and new customers from near and far to make better use of the Town.

3. Town Team General Membership – The Town Team will welcome and invite general membership from any organisation that wishes to help with its vision and objectives. Where possible membership from any single organisation will be restricted to one as additional representation may affect the balance of interests in the group. All Malmesbury retailers and businesses will be encouraged to join. The general membership of the Town Team will be kept under review and representatives from other organisations from outside the Town will also be welcomed to participate, as necessary and appropriate, to assist with the work of the Town Team on tasks that can benefit the wider Malmesbury area.

4. Town Team Leadership – The Leadership Team will consist of 10 members in total. 5 members will come from key local constituted organisations as follows:

5 Core Members elected from key organisations as follows:

  • 1 member to represent Malmesbury and District Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 member to represent Malmesbury Neighbourhood Steering Group
  • 1 member to represent Malmesbury Residents Association
  • 1 member to represent Malmesbury Town Council.
  • 1 member to represent Wiltshire Council.

5 Specialist Members – A further 5 specialist members will be proposed for election to the Leadership Team by the 5 core members of the Leadership Team. Ideally these members will originate from small and large retail, tourism, hospitality and customer service related businesses. Preference must be given to those involved in local businesses that are actively contributing to the Town’s visitor experience. The 10 members will nominate and propose a Chairperson. All general Town Team members will be invited to an extraordinary meeting where membership proposals will be presented for approval by the nominated Chairperson. All members will be given the opportunity to vote on proposals for the all the Leadership Team membership and the choice of Chairperson. All members will be notified at least 2 working weeks in advance of any further proposals to change the membership or the position of Chairperson.

All Members of the Leadership Team must have the democratic authority to represent their organisation. If a Leadership Team Member is a member of more than one organisation they should declare their wider interest and limit their representation on the Leadership Team to the organisation they have been nominated to represent. It is preferable that all Leadership Team members have a business / retail background where possible.

5. Town Team Decision Making – The Leadership team will make decisions on tasks for the Town Team. Tasks can be proposed by any of the general members for consideration by the Leadership Team. In the event of a tie on any vote, the Chairperson will have a casting vote. All members of the Leadership Team will have an equal vote. Leadership Team members must declare an interest where there is a potential financial or pecuniary benefit to themselves, their associates or their organisation arising from the recommendations of the Leadership Team. They must not participate in any Leadership Team debate or vote that is connected with to this interest. The Leadership Team will seek to reach decisions by consensus where possible. At least 5 members of the Leadership Team will need to be attendance at any meeting where a vote takes place.

6. Town Team Task Groups – Where appropriate the Town Team may wish to establish Task Groups to drive discreet projects. Task Groups can only be established with agreement of the majority of members of the Leadership Team. Task Groups will make recommendations to the Leadership Team, unless specifically given permission to carry out actions or incur expenses on behalf of the Leadership Team

7. Relationship of the Town Team with Elected Bodies – Wherever possible the Town Team will work to ensure that the Area Board, Wiltshire Council and Town Council are kept informed about their proposals and opportunities for partnership working are maximised.

8. Leadership Team Meeting Scheduling – The Leadership Team will meet at key stages in the development of proposals by the Town Team. The Group will meet no less than 6 occasions annually and meetings will be held in accordance with a calendar approved by the Group. Malmesbury Town Council will provide the meeting venue. All general members of the Town Team will be invited to attend all Leadership meetings. With regards to conduct of discussions and business, the Chairperson’s ruling is final.

  • Chairperson responsibilities must include the following:
  • Setting the agenda for each meeting
  • Making the purpose of each meeting clear to members and explaining the agenda at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Clarifying and summarising what is happening throughout each meeting.
  • Keeping the meeting moving by putting time limits on each agenda item and keeping all meetings to 90 minutes or less.
  • Encouraging broad participation from members in discussion by calling on different people.
  • Ending each meeting with a summary of decisions and actions.

9. Communication and reporting arrangements – Malmesbury Town Council will provide agenda and minute taking support. Town Council officers will advise members of meeting dates, publication of papers into the public domain and general administrative support, at no cost to the Town Team. Minutes of meetings will be published within two weeks of the meeting taking place and a copy circulated to each Leadership Team member. All necessary papers and information will be sent out one week in advance of the meeting. All documents will be made publicly accessible.

Reporting arrangements must include the following:

  • Agenda for up and coming meeting.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting.
  • A progress report against the objectives set in the action plan.
  • Decision papers.
  • Any other documents or relevant information to be considered at the meeting.
  • The Leadership Team will make sure that quarterly full updates against the agreed action are made available to all members of the Town Team and general public.

10. Town Team Finances – The Town Team will seek to gain funding from organisations wishing to support the aspirations of the Town Team. These could include financial contributions from statutory bodies, donations or grant funding. Malmesbury Town Council will provide a bank account for the Town Team. All funds raised will be deposited in that account. The Town Council representative on the Town Team will provide updates on bank balances and transactions when required. All proposals for Town Team expenditure will require the approval of a majority of Leadership Team Members. All transactions must be authorised by of the Chairperson of the Town Team and 2 other Leadership Team signatories. A summary of all Town Team financial transactions and funds will be made available to all Town Team members and the general public.

11. Amendments to the Terms of Reference – All general members of the Town Team will be asked to vote on any proposals to change the Terms of Reference. All members will be invited to an extraordinary meeting where the changes will be presented for approval by the Leadership Team. All members will be notified at least 2 working weeks in advance of any proposals to change the Terms of Reference. General members will be provided with a copy of the amended draft Terms of Reference at least 2 working weeks in advance of the extraordinary meeting. The draft Terms of Reference will include a clear indication of where the proposed amendments are. Unapproved versions of the Terms of Reference will be identified with alphabetical letter issue identification. The approved amended version of the Terms of Reference will be identified with numeric issue identification. The approved Terms of Reference will be made available to all Town Team members and the general public. All Town Team approved documentation will be securely stored by Malmesbury Town Council.


Whether you have a fantastic suggestion up your sleeve to help improve the town centre experience or have a few hours to spare each week to become a member of the Malmesbury Town Team, get in touch info@malmesburytownteam.co.uk. Be part of something truly extraordinary happening right here in your local town…