Athelstan 1100: Stephe Harrop- Delight and Dread

Athelstan 1100: Stephe Harrop- Delight and Dread

Monday 15th July


The Kings Arms

Delight and Dread: Unladylike Tales from the Age of Aethelflaed .You've heard of Alfred and Athelstan. But what about the women whose lives wove together the bright and dark threads of an emerging England?

In age of transformation, they were peace-weavers and war-leaders, city-builders and king-makers. This fiercely poetic story-set sheds new light on the daughters and sisters, saints and queens, whose courage and vision shaped a nation. This is Intelligent spoken-word from contemporary storyteller Stephe Harrop, who creates and shares spoken-word shows with audiences across the UK, and beyond. She especially loves telling English and Scottish fairytales, the fiery folklore of the Anglo-Scottish Borders, and salvaged stories from the two kingdoms' historic and mythic pasts. She's also fascinated by the challenge of using storytelling to help promote a positive sense of belonging, and a spirit of creative citizenship, across a range of communities and contexts. Suitable for ages 14+

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