Free parking scheme to continue as usage triples in two years

Free parking scheme to continue as usage triples in two years

FREE parking in Malmesbury is being celebrating as the scheme’s success reaches its two year anniversary.

In 2015, Malmesbury Town Council and the Town Team partnered to introduce one and twohour free parking in Station Road car park with the aim of encouraging more visitors and residents to visit the town centre. Two years on, statistics show that parking numbers have tripled with the number of one and two-hour tickets issued each day rising from an average of 20 paid for tickets to 68 free.

The trial, which was introduced in August 2015, is funded through the partnership between the Town Team and the town council who subsidise Wiltshire Council’s parking revenues. With the ongoing success of the scheme, Malmesbury Town Council and Malmesbury Town Team have confirmed they will continue the car parking subsidy for a third year, until July 2018. John Gundry, Malmesbury town councillor, said: “The town council welcomes the opportunity to subsidise parking for the benefit of residents, workers, visitors and shopkeepers. “We are delighted that the scheme has been so successful”.

Gordon MacPherson,  Spokesman for Malmesbury Town Team, said: “Research carried out pointed to parking improvements as one of the key priorities. “We are thrilled that, two years on, the scheme for free parking just a short distance from the town centre has gone from strength to strength and helped achieve our goal to increase footfall in the town”. Malmesbury Town Team is welcoming feedback on the parking scheme from businesses, visitors and residents, emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your views.

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