Exhibition: ' Unseen' Photographic Exhibition Suzie Larke

Exhibition: ' Unseen' Photographic Exhibition Suzie Larke


Malmesbury Library

Suzie Larke is a visual artist and photographer based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Graduating with a degree in photography in 2002, she has since worked internationally as a commercial and portrait photographer.

Her fine art photography explores themes of identity, emotion, and mental health. Suzie is interested in representing an internal state rather than capturing a moment in time. She creates images that challenge our notion of reality – combining photographs to create an image that defies logic.

The images in Unseen reflect the subjects' experience of their struggles with mental health, including comedian and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Jayde Adams.

The artist uses constructed imagery, digitally stitching photographs together in such a way that they present a single, seemingly untampered image. By using ‘magical realism’ to transform photographs that take the everyday and skew it, she works closely with the participants to create images that interpret the disruption of their mental state and the pathway to wellbeing.

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